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Sticky Kids - Wiggle and Jiggle! Volume 4 (CD)

Cover for Sticky Kids Wiggle And Jiggle
Media/Arrangement: CD Only
Category: CD/Tapes
Published By: Music Sales
Item Code: MFKSKCD24

Product Description:

Wiggle And Jiggle! includes 16 songs for getting active and using your imagination. Songs include Wiggle and Jiggle, Let's Go Driving, Here Are My Knees, Mending The Road and The Cool Down Song (to use at the end of the session or at other times in the day). This new version of the Wiggle And Jiggle CD comes in a DVD-style box with a larger, expanded User Guide booklet.

  • Develops balance and co-ordination
  • Develops listening skills
  • Circle songs and very active songs
  • Designed to complement the teaching of physical education
  • Encourages health and fitness
  • Well balanced programme of exercises
  • Carefully planned and tested by specialists
  • Clear instructions and easy to follow user notes


1) Clap Your Little Hands
2) Tap Tap your Shoulders
3) The Christmas Tree
4) The Cool Down Song
5) The Wheels On The Bus
6) This Old Man
7) Twinkle Twinkle
8) Wiggles and Jiggles
9) Yankee Doodle
10) Do Your Arms Hang Low?
11) Here Are My Knees
12) Hokey Cokey
13) Letís Go Driving
14) Mending the Road
15) Round and Round the Ring
16) Running in the Raindrops
17) Sticky Kids Song

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