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More Sparks (Booklet And CD Pack) - Steve Grocott

Cover for More Sparks
Media/Arrangement: Printed Book with CD
Category: Songbooks
Published By: Stephen Grocott

Bestseller CD

Product Description:

Following on from Bright Sparks, "More Sparks" is an A5-sized pocket booklet and CD pack containing a collection of 20 songs, rhymes and games that are perfect for classroom use with 3 to 7 year olds. The booklet contains suggestions for adding instruments, creative actions and movements etc. along with all the words to the songs.

Songs include Doing Something (one for jamming with), Penguins (a "chew gum and walk") and many more. Most of the songs can take any amount of stretching, changing and adapting. You can make them into games, dramas, dances, lullabies or exercises. You can put percussion accompaniments with them or perform them as a mime. You can change the words and add peoples' names etc.

These products have been thoroughly trialled with UK schools. Many teachers have found them invaluable and many children have driven their parents mad by insisting that they are played over and over again on car journeys!


1) Mamma Paquita
2) The Stopping Song
3) Bought Me A Cat
4) Shoo Turkey
5) Me Oh My
6) Friends
7) Kalo Sile
8) Buy Me A Banana
9) Up Like A Rocket
10) Arrabella Miller
11) Coming Round The Mountain
12) Firemen
13) Zoom Zoom Zoom
14) Three Little Birds
15) Mangwene Mpulele
16) Penguins
17) Itís Love
18) I Wish I Was
19) Doing Something
20) Sleeping Bunnies

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