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AQA A2 Music Study Guide 4th edition. Book

This study guide can be used throughout your AQA A2 Music course to support your schoolwork, and follows the specification for exams from summer 2013 onwards.

It includes:

  • Detailed step-by-step analysis of the two set works: Elgar’s 1st Symphony and Shostakovich’s 5th Symphony
  • In-depth commentary on each of the three Areas of Study, covering a varied selection of music
  • Revision of the technical vocabulary already learnt for the AS listening paper, and a comprehensive section covering the new terms required at A2 level
  • Structured advice that will guide you successfully through any of the three composition briefs for Unit 5
  • Valuable guidance on how to prepare for your final performance for Unit 6
  • A glossary of key technical terms

Written in a clear and approachable style by an experienced teacher and examiner, this book will help you to prepare thoroughly for all aspects of your A2 Music exam.

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